Friday, 1 May 2015

I am the Mum who...

The very lovely Sharon (Behind Green Eyes) tagged me. I like posts like this because they give a little insight into the mind behind the blog.


- Always over-packs. Always.
- has been known to throw toys in the dustbin to teach my kids a lesson.
- has retrieved said toys out of the dustbin when the kids are asleep, wash the toys and put them away.
- is very strict with my kids, especially regarding manners and their own property. And other peoples property.
- will forget to buy fresh bread. And get up early to make scones or pancakes for school lunch
- will ask my kids 6000 times to make sure their lunch is packed in their school bags only get home after dropping them at school and get home to find a lunch box sitting on the kitchen table.
- will threaten to leave them at school with no lunch... only to drive back to the school and drop their lunch with them...
- is not afraid to get up and leave a restaurant(after paying the bill)/party/group if my kids are misbehaving or moaning at me.
- is a little bit afraid of what the world will do to my children. Insta-technology, always being available, the horror stories of phone cameras.
- un-ashamedly loves my children, and will take kisses from my wee man and little lady while I can still get them.
- who nags my kids to do their chores.
- who makes my kids do their homework straight after school so that they have the rest of the afternoon and evening to play without having to worry about still having to do it.
- will go in and make the kids beds in the morning, but leave the clothes and toys on the floor. Gotta draw the line somewhere.
- has fought for decent treatment for my daughter's eczema. I changed doctors twice.
- is terrified of going back to work in a "regular" workplace.
- still can't quite figure out how 2 kids can manage to wreck a clean house within 15 minutes.
- can deal with most insects. Just not ParkTown Prawns. Don't bother googling it. Its horrible. Just take my word for it.

I don't know who to tag... I think they've all been tagged to do this already, but if you haven't, and you have kids: you're it!

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Blurring Lines: La Roche-Posay Anthelios Blur SPF 50

Oooh this is a good one. Especially if you find applying SPF before your make-up a bit of a hassle. Or if you are not wanting to forgo a bb cream on the beach... but you don't want to skimp on the SPF. Now worries, La Roche-Posay have got you covered with this guy: Anthelios Blur SPF 50.

It comes with the all important flip-top and a 40ml tube will set you back €19.50. Its the newest addition to the High Protection SPF line that LRP have and its nice... its funny at first... but it is oh so nice.

Blur is a highly pigmented mousse-textured product, formulated with "unifying pigments" that work to "blur pores and skin defects". The high quality mattifying powders makes this rather nice to use as a primer under your foundation too, if you were so inclined. And although the coverage isn't massively fantastic, I think its enough to slap on to do the school run, or for those lazy beach days.

As I said the actual product formulation is weird. Its very thick and a little tough to get out of the tube, but you don't need a lot as it spreads easily and it dries on the skin fairly quickly, so don't faff about. Get it on. Get it blended, because otherwise you will be left with a bit of an orange ring on your jaw line, this won't happen once you have a tan, or once you have applied a gradual tanner. And even on "pale days" as long as you blend it down your neck a bit you'll be grand. Besides, you need to protect your neck too.

In these pics you can see the before and the after. It took me all of 2 minutes to get it on my skin and blended into my hair line. Watch your eyebrows as they tend to catch and hold on to quite a bit of product. Just use a clean tissue to remove most of the buildup. You don't want to wipe off all your protection...

And one more. Just cos: #smugcow

Coverage isn't high, but your protection with Blur is. SPF 50 and a bit of coverage for €20. And there isn't an oily film or a white mask left behind either. I am liking this a whole lot. I don't know how well dry skinned Gals would get along with this as it is oil free and does contain those mattifying powders.

I am really Really liking La Roche-Posay Anthelios Blur SPF 50. I am liking it so much that I have been wearing it just about every day instead of foundation/bb cream this week and I even got a compliment from my bestie, who sees me everyday and who will tell me if things are looking a bit iffy or if they're looking good...

LRP is available online and in most pharmacies. And it we are going to have as good a summer as I suspect we are going to have, then you should definitely check them out for your SPF needs. I'm keen on getting my hands on Anthelios XL Protective Oil next. Just to test on the kids like.

**PR Sample Gratefully Received, Opinion My Own

Monday, 27 April 2015

Invisibobble & the OPIA knockoff : standoff

I have heavy hair. It gives me a headache and I keep threatening to cut it all of Miley-style. I never do. Invisibobble have been on my radar for a while now, since they launched actually, but I have been a bit skeptical. I mean really. An old style telephone handset cable thingy is going to hold my hair, not give me a headache AND not leave a kink in my hair... yeah... Just call me Skeptical Cindy.

Anyways, as is the way with these things, I picked up the original, more expensive ones first... then spotted a knock-off made by Penneys in-house brand OPIA while browsing a few days later. Its been Three weeks and Hannah and I have given both of them a proper testing... neither of them have snapped, so we are off to a good start!

They look basically the same, with Invisibobble showing a tighter coil. It is a stiffer "bobble" than the OPIA version, which seems a bit looser and this really shows when you actually tie your hair up.

Invisibobble costs €4.99 for three bobbles and one goes round my hair 3 times, as you can see. It holds my hair in place pretty much all day, although I do a fair amount of jumping and running around, so I might have to re-do the pony once or twice during the day to re-capture the fly-aways.


Considering I would have to re-do my pony every hour or so with an ordinary elastic, this is progress. I also liked that even after straightening my hair (and allowing it to cool a bit) when I tied it back using the invisibobble to do my face and then let it down again I didn't have a kink in my hair. Its not invisible... but it works. And it holds a high pony relatively well even while doing a 40 minute HIIT class.

Just don't expect to tie up wet hair, sleep on it and get no kink. The only way you are not going to get a kink is to not tie it up and dry it before you go to sleep.


 OPIA's ones cost €1.50 and you get 12.  goes 4 or 5 times, depending on how many times I've used the "bobble" and how much I stretch it. Its just not as good as the original. It holds my hair and I haven't had a headache while wearing it, but I have to keep re-tying it to keep the pony at the same height I had it in originally. The good this is that as long as your hair is dry, it won't leave a kink in your hair either.

Getting both out is easy enough, but my hair is straight: it just slips out over the ends with a little coaxing and neither of them tugs out my hair. The Invisibobble untables easily and mostly returns to its original shape within a few minutes. OPIA kinda tangles and stays that way, kind of like its stretched out, and no amount of re-shaping helps.

I picked up 2 bundles of OPIA's bobbles for our holiday as Hannah loses hairbands at a rate of knots, its like she think the hair-elastic fairy comes in once a week and magically replenishes her stash. And I don't mind if she loses these ones, which is why I bought her pink ones. I'm keeping the original ones for me. The other set of OPIA ones (black, brown & clear) is going into the cupboard for Hannah once shes lost the pink ones.

By that stage I hope to have gotten my hands on a few more of the original Invisibobbles in colours different to Hannah's colours. So we can tell them apart. The Invisibobble website has some very cool tutorials that I want to give a try as well... just as soon as I master how to curl my own hair.

If you are stuck and you just want to try the concept, get the OPIA ones. Or you could just get a box of the original ones and enjoy your headache-free pony-tails.

**Purchased both with my own money...Opinion my own

Friday, 24 April 2015

scrubbing up nicely: Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff

Marissa Carter is becoming a big name in the tan business. Cocoa Brown is already well known in Ireland as one of the nicest self-tanners to use (even on eczema & psoriasis prone skin) and Cocoa Brown is storming the world with launches in the UK & New York (Marissa and her team did tans for the Oscars star!) and Australia is next on the list. Why I waited so long to get myself a bottle of Tough Stuff I will never know... It's pretty dang awesome.

I picked mine up in Penneys for €4.50, and I got the big 200ml bottle. And this is a good scrubby scrub perfect for getting bodies and skins ready for summer tans. It says "no nonsense" on the bottle and its not lying, it makes light work of removing old tan and dry skin to prep skin for new tan.

I like to use this in the shower: I get wet then turn the water off and get busy. I like to sit on the shower floor, blob a bit onto my hands and smooth it over my legs... starting at the feet and working upwards, adding more blobs until you've done your whole body. Then I holler for Himself to come scrub my back... I can never get a good scrub on my back, no matter how flexible I am.

 You can use this on dry skin, but I find that you use an awful lot of product. Wet skin lets you use less because it spreads a bit easier. If you have particularly stubborn tan, then I would use it over dry skin, but for general scrubbage... pre-wetted skin is perfect and your bottle goes a bit further. And it has a flippy lid. No faffing. I like it. It rinses off easily and doesn't leave a residue behind.

Oh and its pink. Marissa's favourite colour... after tan of course.

The scrubby bits are hard, but not sharp, so they buff skin quite nicely and your skin is ready to receive your favourite body cream and its primed for a new layer of tan.

And because its Cocoa Brown, Tough Stuff smells like Tahitian Gardenia, fresh and florally but not over powering.

I don't tan often, but I like a good scrub and since I have had Tough Stuff in the shower I have been exfoliating more often and my skin on my legs has never looked better (its normally a bit scaly even after I put cream on) and I am not getting as many in-grown hairs on my calves either.

Look for €4.50 you really can't go wrong, and while its not the most luxuriantly moisturising scrub, it does a bloody good job at what it it supposed to do: scrub. Besides... it doesn't claim to be a luxuriantly moisturising scrub anyway... its just a No Nonsense Scrub.

Find it in pharmacies, Penneys, Primarks and Tesco!

**Purchased with my own money, Opinion always my own

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Loving longer nails: Jessica Treatment Kit for Peeling Nails

Yes. *blushes* I know that the following pictures have twinkly lights, red baubles and a reindeer shaped chocolate. I know, I know *hangs head* but I chucked out the box and these are the photo's I have left of the Jessica Treatment Kit for Peeling Nails.

But since everyone likes presents... I'm going ahead with these. I have already extolled the virtues of Jessica Fusion Treatment, but this little kit is quite nifty as its got extra bits in it. Jessica Treatment Kit for Peeling Nails costs €20, which is quite reasonable considering the results.

For your 20 Squids, you get 3 dinky bottles (7.4mls). There are three different kits available:
Brittle Nails : Recovery, Brilliance Fast Drying Top Coat and Phenomen Oil.
Dry Nails : Rejuvenation, Brilliance Fast Drying Top Coat and Phenomon Oil
Peeling nails:  Fusion Base Coat for Peeling Nails, Brilliance Fast Drying Top Coat & Phenomen Oil

Each set is a great way to try out the Jessica Nail Treatments, and each bottle lasts long enough so that you can a good result to treat your nail ailments, and also long enough to get you to fall in love with the result.

I've already mentioned how much I love Fusion, so I'm moving on to Brilliance. A quick drying top coat that can be used over any nail polish. Nails are touch dry within a few minutes and it doesn't smudge nail art. The shine of of this for the first day is just lovely. But it seems to lose its lustre after the first day and you need to top up to keep the shine going. This is the only thing that lets it down.

I was never a massive fan of cuticle oil, especially in this liquid form...I generally prefer to use hand cream. But since I've had Phenomen Oil and since using it, I can see a definite improvement in my nails and cuticles. I am using it before I get into bed at night... I do far too much hand washing during the day. So I pop a drop on each finger nail when I get into bed and then massage it in while reading my book. Its oily, so before bed is a good time to apply it and let it do its job. It is almond oil based and it has that lovely marzipan scent that reminds me of baking cakes. yum.

JESSICA Treatment Kits are available from :
• Ebano, Ballinteer, Dublin
• Ebano, Nutgrove Shopping Centre, Dublin
• Howth Haven, Howth, Dublin
• Invogue, Blackrock, Dublin
• John Adams, Cleary’s, O’Connell Street, Dublin 1
• Marker Hotel, Grand Canal Parade, Dublin 2
• Midas Touch, Newlands Retail Centre, Clondalkin, Dublin 22
• Refresh, Leapardstown, Foxrock, Dublin
• Refresh, Clontarf, Dublin 3
• Refresh, Sandymount, Dublin 4
• Kildare : Carton House, Maynooth, Co. Kildare
• Laois : The Spa, The Heritage Killenard, Portarlington, Co. Laois
• Meath : A N U, Clonee, Co. Meath
• Wexford : Kelly’s Spa Resort, Rosslare, Co. Wexford

or you can ring French Cosmetics for further stockist details on 046-9481091.

**PR Sample Gratefully Received, Opinion my own

Monday, 20 April 2015

When the sun comes, I'm not shining: LRP Anthelios XL Anti-brilliance / Anti-shine

Eh c'mere to me now: If you are going to be spending time in the sun this summer (when it finally arrives) you are going to need La Roche Posay Anthelios XL. And not the ordinary one. You are going to need the one with the green band, the Anti-Brilliance / Anti Shine Dry touch gel-cream one.

The 50ml flippy-top (Yay) tube costs €19.50 and it is worth EVERY cent. Because this is the first sunscreen that I have ever used that doesn't feel greasy AND it doesn't look greasy. S'truth. I applied it over my moisturiser and it sunk in pretty much immediately, without leaving behind that tacky sunscreen feel.

For facial sunscreen I use a strip that is as wide as the hole it comes out of, as long as the top digit of my index finger, I dot it all around my face then rub it in gently making sure to get right under my eyes and the tip of my nose and my ears. But by the time I got round to my ears it had all dried/absorbed. I had to use a squidge more to get my ears covered.

And when I say it was dry, I mean there was no filmy feeling. No grease. No shine. It was like I had applied a primer and blotting powder to my face. And you can forget about there being white marks left behind or appearing when you are mid-walk. It held strong. Hello!

After my 4km walk, in what was an early taste of summer to come, it held up really, really well. And this is going in the bag for when we go on our holidays when we hit the water parks because it didn't smear off when I was perspiring (it allowed me to perspire without looking like a greasy sweaty mess!) and after a quick blot with a towel I didn't look like I needed an appointment with a clay mask and a box of blotting papers.

Chuck in the fact that it is suitable for sensitive skins, has broad spectrum protection, and isn't scented makes this LRP Anthelios XL Anti-greaseball-Brilliance / Anti-shine a great buy for summer. I really hope that this is a permanent fixture in their SPF line up because I am a whole lot in love.

Granted I've not used this under make-up, but I think it will hold up quite well under sheer-er foundations and bb creams. I can't wait for sunny weather to give this a proper testing. You will need to re-apply after swimming and heavy perspiration, but for a bit of walking around and catching some rays you will be golden (haha).

You can find La Roche Posay sunscreens in Boots stores and pharmacies almost every where.

**PR Sample Gratefully received, Opinion always my own

Friday, 17 April 2015

Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 wash mask: its good

I found another dupe. But its better. Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 is pretty much the same as Vichy's Normaderm 3 in 1 cleanser, but it doesn't contain the scrubby bits.

I didn't like the scrubby bits in Vichy's offering. Neutrogena's one doesn't have the scrubby bits so it isn't an exact dupe... but it is awesome. Oh, and its also less than half the price...

This is actually my 2nd tube of Visibly Clear 2-in1 wash mask. I found it in Tesco when I was looking for something else. 150ml tube costs €4.49, which is just less than half the price of the Vichy one and you get 25ml more! And just like the Vichy one, Visibly Clear also has a flippy-top and is soft enough to make it easy to get the actual product out. The white, grey and orange packaging is unisex and while its not gorgeous, it is clean and functional and my hubby uses it without asking if its for ladies only. And since its cheap enough... I don't mind if he uses it.

This smells and works exactly the same way as the Vichy one but it is white instead of pale green. Use a small blob (10c coin size) and rub it into damp skin, massage it about avoiding the eyes and then rinse it off. I like to use this in the mornings, the Kaolin  and Bentonite help to absorb any excess oil produced overnight and the salicyclic acid helps kill bacteria in any spots.

To use it as a mask (once or twice a week), I blob a bit into my palm then use an old foundation brush that I dampen slightly and paint a thin-ish layer onto my face, also avoiding my eyes, and I leave it on until its dry: about 5 to 10 minutes, then soak/wipe/rinse it off with a wet face cloth. I follow with toner and a good moisturiser as it can leave your skin feeling a little tight.

It is working nicely in conjunction with all my other products, and himself is rather fond of a clay based cleanser in general, so it gets his thumbs up too! The Kaolin and Bentonite provide enough of a scrub to get a good but gentle exfoliation going as well, so take advantage but giving yourself a good massage while you are using it.

And before you chuck it in the bin when you think its finished... cut the top off the tube and scrape out what is left... I discovered enough hanging on to the sides for a weeks worth of mornings of cleansing.

If you are looking for a budget clay based multi-tasking cleanser to help absorb excess oil and clear spots, give Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in1 wash mask a try, even if you don't like it, you wont have broken the bank...

**Purchased with my own money...opinion my own

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Naked Rescue Intensive Care: A Naked review

I didn't buy Naked Rescue Intensive Care Shampoo and Conditioner myself. My bestie did when she flew in to visit for a few days. She ended up leaving it here because it didn't suit her hair. She had a Keratin treatment done before she cam and needed a shampoo & conditioner that was sulphate free to use while she was here. It didn't work for her. She said it left her hair feeling extremely dry and straw-like. She was not impressed. So she left it with me. It was weight in her suitcase she didn't need to take back to SA.

This review has been a long time coming. I've had these since September last year, and I have been using them on and off since then hoping that I would hit upon the magic amount to use or the possibility that maybe they would just work all of a sudden. A girl can hope.

It smells ok. I never expect much in the scent department from products that come with the 97% Natural label. As an aside... just because its natural doesn't mean its good for you: arsenic is natural. But hey, I understand where Naked is coming from and I respect their ethos. Anyway. So it smells ok. Nothing like sewer water but not anything like Aussie either. And its cheap enough too, coming in at €5.99 for a bottle of shampoo or conditioner. Both these bottles are 250ml so they are generous there.

I like that they also don't test on animals, they are vegan and vegetarian friendly. And that they are made in the UK. And that the whole bottle is recycle-able. Oh and neither of the bottles have screw tops, its flip-tops or the push-down-to-get-the-hole-to-appear-lid. But that is kind of where the good ends.

Marketed towards hair in distress, this shampoo is supposed to be gentle and kind to hair, but even on my normal hair it struggled to clean 2 day old hair, my roots felt greasier than when I started, but the mid-lengths and ends felt like they had been completely stripped of oils: they felt dry and hard. Odd. I applied a 2nd dose of shampoo to see if this would help the grease (some shampoos require a second application). It didn't It just felt the same. hmmm.
I rinsed and rinsed. It didn't help.

conditioner blurb & instructions

The conditioner is thick coming out of the tube and it seems lush. So I decided not to aggravate the grease at my roots and just tackle the now very dry mid-lengths. The conditioner felt like it was doing some good at restoring the softness to my ends, until I went to rinse it out. I didn't leave it in for a full minute but I struggled to rinse it out. and it felt like I had a massive grease-ball lodged st the base of my skull.
Not cool man. Not cool.

The results after drying were not much better. I still had greasy roots which I really struggled to get my brush through and very dry ends which felt very dry. Badly dry. I didn't like it. And despite trying it many times... I still came out of the shower with the same result.

I wanted to like this. I loved Naked's White Ginger Body Wash when I was pregnant with my son, so I am not unfamiliar with the brand. But Naked Rescue Intensive Care Shampoo and Conditioner did nothing for my hair except make it feel bad. I couldn't finish the bottles... I binned them after taking these pics.

I'm glad I didn't spend money on them, but my bestie did. And I'm not cool with that.
Trace: I owe you a lekker shampoo & conditioner. Or chocolate brownies. Which ever you prefer.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Make your own perfume: DIY workshop

Soooo... did you know that are bringing Sarah McCartney (of 4160 Tuesdays) to Dublin? Who is Sarah McCartney you ask? Ahhh she is an awesome indie perfumer based in London and she is the perfumer in charge of 4160 Tuesdays.

4160 Tuesdays is an award-winning micro-perfumery that hand-makes perfume in London, in small batches. Sarah is “an incredibly gifted and entirely off-the-wall self-taught perfumer” according to Jo Fairley of the Perfume Society.

Usually the only way to get perfume training is to travel to London or Paris, but newly launched, (a fantastic little blog for all things scent and smell-related) have put together a “perfume-making day” suited to the complete beginner and passionate perfumista where you will learn about what goes into perfumes, AND you will get to make your own scent to take home with you.

When? Saturday 9th May in Dublin, 10am – 4.30pm
Where? TIMA, 30 Upper Fitzwilliam Street 
2 Dublin
Cost? €170 per person

It is a bit spendy, but it still costs less than attending a London event (and that’s without flights or accommodation costs). I also love Fiona's mottos: *spend money on experiences, not stuff*

Log onto or eventbrite to read more and sign up. Or you can get more info from Fiona Cooke at The Works PR :

I really wish I coud get my own place here, but I am saving for my holiday at the end of May (look out Chicago!)

IMpressed with imPRESS

I have never had false nails. I have never had gels. Or acrylics for that matter. And while this style of "press on manicure" has intrigued me, I've not ever bought a box. I've clearly been missing a trick. imPRESS Press-on Manicure by Broadway is a little bit genuis. Provided you follow the instructions and take up the mantra "nails are Jewels not Tools", you are going to be fairly impressed by them too.

imPRESS Press-on Manicure comes in 2 lengths: short and medium and many designs or just plain colour ways (that are begging for a bit of customization if you feel the need or get bored). You get 24 nails (12 sets of 2 nails in different sizes) so you can find the perfect fit for your nails. You also get instructions and a prep-pad.

You basically find the nail that fits your nail best and lay them out in order. Remove any old nail polish and then use the prep-pad on our nails to remove any left over oils. Then you peel off the little plastic cover on the glue pad on the nail, line it up with your cuticles and press it on.
A bit of a no-brainer... unless you excitedly rip open a packet and start lining up nails and you realise your own nails are too long. And even if you cut your nails... they wont fit. And then you read the box and realise these are the short ones. Ahhhhhhh Ok.

I already had them all lined up and ready to go... so I called over the Daughter and put her on the chair, prepped her nails with the prep pad and applied the nails. She is a terrible biter (just like I was at her age) and she bites her nails right down to the nail bed and past it (ouchies). It took us 7 minutes and we had all her nails done. She was only delighted with them.

But again I should have read the instructions all the way to the bottom and read the bit where it says to continue pressing the falsies onto your real nails for another 30 minutes to ensure the glue makes good contact with your nails. We didn't do this.

She ran off outside to show of her nails (yes I know, they are a bit long for her age... but it was school holidays and I was willing to let her go a little "Wild"). She came in after and hour and had 3 nails left. She had pinged off 7 of them playing tip. She wasn't particularly careful. Shes only 9. We tried pressing them on again, but she pinged them off again within a few minutes. I think she liked pinging them off more than she actually liked wearing them though.

So you can understand how I was skeptical that the Medium Length ones would wear as long as a week on me. I am forever using my nails as tools, so I really wasn't expecting much. But I took 5 minutes ad read the instructions all the way to the end, and the handy tips too and then got stuck in. I had to file my own nails down a bit... and I couldn't find the exact width for my nails (Broadway recommend using a smaller nail if you can't find the exact fit for your nail so that is what I did). I lined 'em up, and got peeling and pressing.

In the above and below pics you can see how they fit my nail. The fingers are only a TINY bit longer than my own nails, and they don't fit exactly but from the top and with a quick glance you don't see that at all. The thumb was the best fit and you can see there is extra length gained there. They look good. Impressive even!

How did they last? Well... here's the really impressive part. They lasted the full week, before I got bored with them and took them off. And it was a bit of a mission to get them off.

I must also say that I used hand cream sparingly around my nails. I also made sure not to do the dishes without washing up gloves. And I tried not to soak my hands in the bath when I was bathing (I kept my hand out of the water by reading my kindle).

They never lost their shine or their lustre and these imPRESS nails looked pretty great! I am a convert. I will get a few pair for those times when you are getting ready in a hurry and need to do something with your nails quickly. Provided you do these last and spend 20 minutes in the car on-route to your destination pressing them on you will be golden.

Removing them was tough enough... they were stuck fast, so I put some nail vanish remover into a small deep lid and soaked each nail in the remover for 30 seconds and used an orange stick to lift the edges of the nail starting at the sides and moving around the cuticle and to the other side. I soaked them again and lifted them off completely and pulled off what was left of the glue pad that remained stuck to my nail. There is no damage to my nails, they haven't peeled and they don't feel weakened at all. Win.

I do like these. The box costs about €8 so it is reasonable for a temporary manicure that looks really good. I want to try Hannah with these gain in the summer holidays to see if we can use them to help break her biting habit. I can see these being quite useful for that (stop&grow didn't gross her out at all). And I'll be chucking a box or two into our suitcase for the wedding we are going to in May too so that she at least looks presentable - she's in the wedding party.

There are loads of different designs and colours, something to suit everyone. Just make sure you get the right length for your nail bed!

Have you used them? Did you follow all the instructions the first time you used them or did you find out after you had applied them and pinged them off?

**PR Sample Gratefully received, Opinion my own.
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